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FiC: The Kite [Skins; Katie/Effy]
skins: katie
old_wp wrote in katie_effy
Title: The Kite, Part 1
Series: To Bedlam and Part Way Back, Chapter 8 (of 10)
Author: jengrrrl
Pairing: Katie/Effy
Rating: Mature
Summary: "Love's fucked everything up, completely." Katie deals with her increasingly complicated relationship with Effy; and watches from the sidelines as Naomi and Emily crumple.
A/N: Chapter 8 of 10. Titles from the Anne Sexton work of the same name. Part 2 of this chapter will be posted within the week.

To Bedlam and Part Way Back: The Kite, Part 1

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augh!! why did this journal go down, why?? this was such an excellent fic and i was so looking to seeing how it ended!!

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