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Angelic (Oneshot)
asutex wrote in katie_effy
Title: Angelic
Author: Effy (asutex)
Rating: R
Warnings: Lesbianism, swearing, and slight description of sex.
Disclaimer: I am sad to say that I don't own Skins. We would have seen so much more of Tony when Effy needed him, there would have been a series 4 episode for Naomi, and we totally would have seen a spin-off series for the Fitches, Stonems and Naomi.
Summary: "...I hear Her call for Freddie as though through a fog, but I pull myself against Her tightly. I don't want Freddie. He makes me weak, She makes me strong..."
A/N: It contains spoilers for series 4, episode 5 and was inspired by the brief Katie and Effy scene during the parade.I have no beta, so all mistakes - grammatical and spelling - are my own.


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