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Fic: Don't Say (That You Love Me)
cellochick92 wrote in katie_effy

Title: Don't Say (That You Love Me)
Author: cellochick92
Disclaimer:  Nothing is mine!
Warning:  This fic deals with rape of a character and gay bashing.  If this is triggering for you, please read with caution.
Rating: M
Word Count: 11680 for this part
Summary:  Done for a prompt.  Different spin on Gobbler's End and why Effy was so panicked by Katie choking her.  Keffy pairing is endgame.  Two or three parts likely.   
A/N:  So this is my first Skins fic.  I'm endlessly intrigued by this pairing, and we all know I can't resist some down and dirty angst.  Hopefully I didn't butcher anything too terribly! 

Angsty Keffy goodness here!


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